Keywords to promote your business

SEO or search engine optimization is one first step in marketing your business website on the internet. Keywords are important to getting the right traffic to your site.   Your websites keywords should included detailed keywords on what products or services  your business offers.  If your companies plows snow does your website pages say that.   It might sound elementary however, when I do a company website assessment many times the website is not optimized for the keywords that actually describe what the business does.

Steps to optimizing your keywords

  1. Describe how you think people might search for your services or products.   Got to google and look at the results of which companies come up on the first 2 pages of the search results.
  2. Google helps you out by listing what people also search for.   Click on those results and make a list of the businesses that come up on the first 2 pages of search results.  What you have now is a huge list of your competitors.
  3. Now the fun begins.   There are helpful tools on the internet that will allow you to analyze a competitors page for keywords and keyword phrases.   Here is a link to my favorite:   When you put your competitors link into this keyword density tool you start to develop a list of the words that they use on there site.    This will give you a better list of keywords.   Note you cannot copy wholesale from another page.   You have to have original content, if you copy Google will penalize you and your page will not get traffic.
  4. Next determine what keywords for each page.   Your home page does not have to be your only landing page.   A landing page is the page that some hits first directly from their search results.
  5. Start building out each of you pages with the keywords in paragraphs.  Ideally you would like each page to be at least 150 words or more.   Remember it is very difficult to get page rank, your position on Google search for a single word, long phrase are better.   For example if you make prototypes, use phrases like prototype supplier in Warren, MI.  Phrases like this will help you rank for specific services and products that people might be searching for.

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